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24th March Wednesday Coastys best day ever

24th March Wednesday 2021

Coastys best day ever 🙌 SUFFOLK

WOKE UP. Got out the house running to get Noah’s cereal 🥣

We went to dry clothes do yellow flower

I came back with Vanessa

We ate duck mushroom pie

Tuna bun

It’s such a beautiful fucjing day

It’s been rainy and rainy and the sun really was shining every butterfly every bird every yellow Ray was so so so sweet

I meditated

Did 50 squats

Drank another coffee

Jordan bought some pre work out online as a gift (I knew the cooking I had done made him happy and he probably wanted to make me happy then I realised why don’t I just make people happy people will look after me)

We got into some recording

Sam Smith - Cover Latch

I literally did two guitar takes

Two vocal takes

And I played with the mix

Before the kids got home

We went for the most beautiful bike ride

Noah and I snuck into the byron byron resort

Holy duck it’s beautiful

So so beautiful

We actually live in a holiday location

We swam at the beach 🏖 it was so ticking beauirufl

We took photos

I had a lot of gratitude

We played with the kids on the beach

And pretended to be crabs

We love our lives

We got home and I mixed more

We ate left overs

It tasted soo good

And then everyone went to bed

I stayed up till 1.35am mixing the song

Adding bass

Drums 🪘

And just listening from 10pm -1.20am

I’m tired as fuck and staring at my screen


I had the best day

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