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MARCH22- Byron Bay Gratitude

22 march 2021 COASTY Suffolk Park

MONDAY March 22 2021

I love Noah And Vanessa so much

I love my fans on Instagram who post old videos of me and share my shit and circulate my music around sharing my soul my work and getting it into other peoples lives to inspire them.

The art of travel, living on couches for the sacrifice of judgment and letting it become an empowerment to my soul has been a huge inspiration to many people.

Today I woke up and exactly that happened

Shout out Melinda ! You made my morning

I forgot about the song she shared of me playing Oliver Francis - Ahhh yeah in Wellington 2019 on tour with Hot Potato Band

So I woke up excited and ran straight to my guitar to make it sound the way her video did of me performing.

I tend to write and re write and mash songs in a never ending evolving way so the way I play one song one day amd the same song a different day with a different key and chords is hard for me to stick to one particular way

What can I say? In the wise words of Jannah Beth “My mind wants melodies”

I want variety uno?!!


Anyways I have been having beautiful alone time with my love and I put the beautiful curry on slow cook for 8 hours

And talked all morning on the phone to David minimal miggy about our Passions and Sanctuary singles coming out later in the year.


I love myself I love you

You are my sugar

You are my river

Clean and wash my soul to heaven

Clean and wash my soul to heaven

You gave life to me

You are beautiful

You are greatness

You are always here

You are big

You are small

You are everything

You are the sky

You are the lungs in my chest

You are the beating heart pulsating my blood


This day is yours

You are the rain

You are the gorgeous smell

You are the curry 🍛

You are all that is good

You are the light

You are the balance

You are winning

You are strong

You are expressive

You are gentle

You are soft

You are hard when you need and firm with a softness that is refreshing

You treat people with kindness

You are fair

You are glorious

You are a flower blooming

You are watering the garden that everybody admires

You are priceless

You are infinite

You are boundless

You fly

You sore

You run

You jump

You endlessly are here in the moment

You are grateful for every moment

You are the moment

You are.

Vanessa suggested Danny should come over for dinner

I was so excited 😆

Danny said yea and came through.

8 hours of cooking and we had the most peaceful dinner and blessed the food into my body

Danny and I jammed and talked philosophy and ideas about our music , the right here right now, blessings, healing and good chats and jokes and laugh.

I love Danny.

So so lovely

We watched a movie 🍿 🎥

For like 30mins then called it a night and went to bed

I love you xo

Thank you thank you thank you I love you.

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