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March 23rd Coasty Admin Day Suffolk PArk - Lost Release Coming soon

March 23rd Tuesday 2021

Coasty early morning and arvo dinner and mental break down

5.53 am wake up

No alarm 🚨

Feeling blessed to make coffee in the dark of the wet soggy rainy morning.

The whole day seems to be at my finger tips.


Ditto submission

ISRC code emailed

Sarah emailed

Bunch of festivals emailed

Meditated -

I had a profound meditation. It slowly turned into movement and praising each chakra and toe, and finger, and lungs, and every breath.

Breathing slow contributing love and receiving love ❤️ (Thanks Tolsa for the gold nugget of meditation wisdom)

I had a really strong pot of coffee to myself

+ another round of coffee when Vanessa woke at 7am

So I was really feeling the anxiety 😥 haha

Then meditation really calmed me.

It was super nice !

I did 10 slow breathing intentional push ups to really let it all go and felt really calm collected in the present.

So grateful for every moment. Every raindrop. Every hummm. Every sound of the children getting ready for school.

Then Vanessa took the kids to school and went to work for the morning till 10am🌼

And when she got back we had another coffee together.

Today I managed too…

Book Carl’s flight ✈️ for the music video shoot april 11th

Spoke on the phone with friends.

Painted my busking sign over in blue paint to start redesigning it phase 1.

Bleached my pine cone collection !

Did the clothes washing.


made THE best pasta ever I think i ever made in my whole life.

Cinnamon, Brown sugar, garlic, mixed herbs, basil, parley, Fetachini, Tuna pasta Oh lord.

it was sweet, saucy, salty, elegant, and the whole family was so embracing.

I am so grateful to be in this new family,

I feel like i have a purpose.

Noah didn’t eat he was sad and upset again

I took a walk and got really overwhelmed

Because Noah went up to his room and was holding a picture of his dad crying like I used to when I felt upset I never really had a dad

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