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25th March Versace Boys Secret Garden Show

25th March 2021 Versace Boys Secret Garden.

Will and I played a really cool show at secret garden

We loved it !

I had a drink of the milkshakes custom pale ale beer for there new single “Rubber Arm”

My first beer in a month and a week ! It was a special beer for a special occasion so I felt this moment would be the time to have 1

We played a great fun show !



Damage Control


Right now

Top flight

Mash up - 7 Colours

We played for an hour !

I love how classy the venue is

It’s a wedding function venue

Will trumpeted there hearts to dance and I rapped and sang with freestyle and a beautiful time in my heart .

We went around with the usbs and got tips from the crowd and made connections

I couldn’t count the money we made,,,,

Vanessa came and brought me san Pellegrino

Thank you Vanessa

Bec and Jordan and Ness and I were talking with Will

I wanted to drink

Another beer 🍻 I saw them drinking

But I stopped myself and didn’t drink

There was offers left right and centre

Rosé, champagne 🍾, beer, vodka cruisers,

Everything g.

I’m so proud of myself.

I went home. After a photo shoot under the disco ball.

Vanessa and I caressed each other taking our time to enjoy our company, sleeping like i was in heaven. I love her so much.

Thank you god for the love from this sweet angel 👼

I love you Vanessa.

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