18th March Ocean SHores/Mullumbimby 4.44pm THURSDAY

I love my mind body and spirit

I honour it

I love it thank you thank you thank you

I am grateful for it

The beautiful rain today all arvo watching from the window of Rays van

The sunshine in the morning ☀️

The naps I took today

The lazy day I had yet I still was working and answering calls and organising tour

This tour is going to be so so so special

I got to the sunset at Belongil beach and had a sacred moment thank you god. the rain was pouring in the distance.

Where i stood I breathed real slow and took every sound smell and taste in.

I was so at peace.

My car broke down, I missed my gig, and the long day was over. I swam in the ocean to bless and purify myself.

I came home to Vanessa and Noah Jordan and Bec. and we had the most amazing dinner.

Yum Thank you thank you Risoto and bbq gosh!

I felt SO grateful and spoilt

I said good night to everyone and stayed up on the computer til 3.13 am organising merch, tour dates, and PR champaign.

All super exciting stuff you get to do if you want it it will be a grind no matter what you do.

Im very very tired at 3.30 am


I Love you,


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