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March 21

March 21 SUNDAY 2021

You are not your blockages.

You are infinite wisdom.

You are peace. You are centred.

You have an honest open heart.

You open your heart to receive 🎁

And in return give gifts of healing (thank you Tolsa for the wisdom)

You ask the universe for guidance and it gives it to you with a grace.

You are love. You are forever.

You are expanding and growing:

You are confidence. You are friendships

You are time

You are space

You are open and willing to receive gifts

You are practicing with slow focus 🧘

You are practicing what you have already done

You are time

You are dejavu

You are eternity

You are faithful

You are abundance

You are energy

You are delighted by your life

You are accepting of people’s journey and bless them with there strengths

You are so amazing

You are so special; a unique relic

You are forever beautiful

You are starlight

You are presence

You are gorgeous

You are well spoken

You are life experiencing itself

The world 🌍 is yours

I am comfort I am love I am safety I am wealthy I am experienced

Yes I am smart I am peace I am connection I am beauty

Yes I am wisdom I am freedom I am elegance I am gratitude

Yes I am broken I am fading into the sand and earth to be reborn and re purposed

Yes I am courage I am life I am good habits

I am creation I am generous I am giving more and more everyday

I am calm I am centred I am books I am galaxies I am universes I am what I think I am

I think I am brave I think I am falling I think I love it and I think I choose to fly like a bird

I take my time and spend it where I choose

This is my happy place

Thank you for my legs arms face hair body

Thank you for my feet toes nails and balance

Thank you for all the answers and love

Thank you for the beauty that is in my life

Thank you for letting me over come my fears

Thank you for my self love

Thank you for the challenges for I am strong and can feel excited to overcomed

Today is a blessing

Right now I bless myself and fill myself with the white bright light

Thank you

I feel it in my breath

I feel it enter my lungs softly

I feel it giving me life

I feel it giving me inspiration

It fills me with joy

It fills me with happiness

It fills me with forever unbending intent

It fills me with visions of my higher power

It allows me to take the courage to step into my higher power

Practiced acoustically:

Say a little prayer



Baby if you give it to me

7 colours


Say my name t pain Doobies girl ignition

Best Part

Mash up of Watching the Stars + To the sun

Damage control

Orange juice

Fly me to the moon 7th fret no capo

Raindrops Burt 7th fret no capo

Objects in the mirror

We belong together

Holy water

Shout out to Loui for having us on this beautiful rainy Saturday night and Sunday morning

We talked about relationships and I played guitar 🎸

We woke up in Loui ‘s house Vanessa and I snuggled

It was raining again alll day it was so so so wet

So much rain

Pouring and pouring down

It was nice I think we had a revuvinating day. The rain always seems to do that for me we got home and had a shower.

It was quite early I remember

And we had the whole day left ahead of us.

I remembered Jordan made some hamburgers

And I ate em because I was so hungry

Noah hadn’t been eating though

And was very emotional 😭

And tired

And he hadn’t eatten much allday

I felt bad and sorry and I sat there patiently and lovingly hugging him on my lap and waiting to feed him

We went to bed 🛌

And I was ready to take on the week ahead! What a vibe.

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