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Coastys Prayer Suffolk Park, 2021 March 19th FRIDAY.

You are powerful, You are strong, You are more then happy, You are priceless.

You are able to change, You are the stars, You are the ocean, You are the skies.

You are the best person you can be. You are creating the person you want to be. You are compassionate.

Which means you choose to judge, only to be judged. You get better everyday. You enjoy the process, You are the process, You are warping and bending and shifting like water. You are pure water. You are the river. You choose to see your mistakes and wash them away in the river, you become the lessons, you become the teacher you become what life truly is. You are life. You are love. You are respect. You are loved.

You choose to be honest. You choose to trust. You choose to be mindful. You choose for those you give trust to receive your love. You give time to yourself to enjoy the butterflies on this balcony in Suffolk Park.

You choose to give healing and eternal light to yourself in this moment and every moment, you are all there is, all it was, and all it will ever be, and all it will ever be, is you, in every blessed 🥲 moment. Everlasting peace. You choose to give gifts of love and remain aware of any guilt from neglect of self love. You give love and abundance. You create Love and abundance. You are not your thoughts. You are your infinite connection. You are creating your life.

You choose to acknowledge sleep as a beautiful dream, which is not far from what reality is when you look at it.

You choose your eating patterns and love the world so, you give back love to the world.

You scan the oceans, You send the Oceans love, You send your body vibrations,

You consciously send your blood to your heart, and Your air to your lungs, and Your air and blood to your brain. You love the river and wildlife inside and around you.

You allow yourself to be accountable for your emotions, You are not your emotions, You are power, You are life, You allow your emotions to be loved, and cleansed in the river. Pulsating with love.

You are acknowledging your power, You are light, You are shinning brighter everyday, You are angels, You have calm conversations with them. You are demons, You have calm conversations with them.

You are not comparisons you make on others, You are loved, You are changing for the better everyday.

You choose to gift yourself with infinite love of every inch of who you are, You choose to cherish who you are and not take it for granted, You acknowledge there are people out there worse then you, You are the beacon of light who gives and nurtures your garden of your mind.

Your flowers, You water them, your trees, you water them: You ask them their dreams, You create with them, if you create; You change in the world.

You are love, and you are forever expanding, in this moment, growing and loving forevermore.

You choose to be playful with your perception, your perception chooses to be loving and playful to you.

You choose to be your emotions and they choose to be you.

You look at your hands, yourself in the mirror, your smile, your tears; your love, your heart, with amazement like a child, You give your inner child a hug.

You love your inner child in a beautiful special way, with patients and choose to see love in a beautiful way that grows who you are in every inch. You let them go. You choose for them to be happy, abundant, loving, intentional, thoughtful, and powerful. And They choose you to be happy, abundant, loving, intentional, thoughtful and powerful.

I choose to be myself. I choose to grow. I choose to bless my eyes with perspective. I choose to bless gods eyes for blessing my eyes. I choose to be blessed head, toes, ears, mouth 👄 and soul.

I choose to love all that is around me. And all that is around me to love me.

I choose The trees. The birds. The Bees. The Sea, Dolphins, whales, Sharks, Octopus, fishes and the reef.

I choose to love.

I choose you.

We choose each other to love.

I choose to breathe... slow.

You choose time.... slow.::

The ocean chooses.... love.

I choose to slow..... time. Time chooses to slow me.... I choose to be time. Time chooses you:

You choose to slow time. and The ocean chooses to slow time. And the stars chooses to slow down. Shooting across the galaxy.

I choose to focus. You choose to focus. and the ocean chooses to focus.

I choose to channel from the infinite. The oceans chooses to channel from the infinite, and you are the infinite: you choose the infinite too forever and beyond.

I choose to live like I will die at any moment.

I choose to fill my heart with light.

I choose to fill my eyes with love and healing.

I choose to see my life with infinite love.

I choose to fill my relationships with infinite love.

I choose my chakras from head to toe to be filled with bright white light and healing, cleansing my aura.

I choose to see the fear as a friend and balance. I choose to become its friend and hug it. I spread light around it and love it.

I choose to give it kisses, like my beautiful inner child. Like my son, like my daughter, like my children. We are all our pure self. We are all white light beings. We just need to ask, and we shall receive.

I ask for forgiveness for times I have been impatient.

I ask for forgiveness for times I showed anger, disrespect and hate to authority in school, my mum, dad, sister, partner, friend.

I ask for forgiveness for times I have been sad and impaicnet seeing the ugly things in life as a focus instead of the beauty.

I am grateful for the good people who support me and have chosen me in there lives.

I forgive myself for self doubt, self harm, self disrespect, and self sabotage.

I forgive my old thinking ways.

I forgive myself.

I ask for forgiveness for the times I never told my Momma how much I appreciate her for raising me,

I ask for forgiveness when i used to look at her faults more then her beauty, I am grateful for my mother.

I ask for forgiveness for my father, I ask forgiveness and healing for thinking it was my fault he left, I ask forgiveness and healing, I ask for Love to be allocated to this part of me with the finest delicate surgery precision, I choose to love this part of me, i choose to say hello buddy, its okay, and hold it as if it was a crying child with a grazed knee. “You’ll be okay bud” “you’re alright buddy”

I forgive myself for blaming my father for all the love I craved, Only I can give that to myself.. Its no-one elses job to give me love. I forgive myself and love this part of me.

I give this part of me gently to the river. I bathe it with care, I wash with soap that is organic and good for the river.

I give to myself when it is sore and needs help.

I forgive myself for the times I haven’t addressed these feelings and taken them out on my mum, sister, partner or even Dad himself.

I ask for forgiveness in my love. I ask the conditioning to be held with abundance of love and squeezed and raised to the sky saying “THE WORLD IS YOURS, GO CHOOSE TO LOVE AND GIVE BACK TO THE WORLD THAT HAS GIVEN SO MUCH TOO YOU”

I give thanks to my parents for holding space and love for me in the way they knew how too.

I choose to be acknowledging of there mistakes and forgive them as they were only human and not taught to love themselves swell.

I teach myself love, I love myself with a magic spell and fill my body with self love, self worth, self abundance, self awareness, self conditioning, self gifts.

I am beautiful.

I feel like I’m insecure today. I spoke with tools and was letting them go. I was able to focus and get my to do list ticked off for my dreams and life. I am focusing only on love.

I reflect as a good day. I love the world shared with me I am grateful for.

yes i am a good singer,

Yes i am personality,

Yes i am creating me

Yes I do host cool events,

Yes I do speak from the heart,

Yes I am speaking from my heart,

Yes I am moving people the way I move myself,

Yes I am gorgeous,

Yes I am honest,

Yes I am putting my infinite out into the vibration of love,

Yes I am love,

Yes i am the universe,

yes I am the stars,

Yes I am the Coast,

Yes i Am smart,

Yes I am Talented,

Yes I am genius,

Yes I am forever making music,

YEs I am a clever fun lyricist

Yes i am a good artist

Yes I am able to talk about personal issues,

Yes I am able to change peoples lives with my story,

Yes i am able to be better everyday when I discover and embrace failing,

Yes I am embracing failure, (I’ve written about 9albums since I was 16-27)

Yes i am failure,

Yes I am success,

yes I am valuable as both.

Yes I am value,

Yes I am life, love and spirit,

Yes i am not scared to fail,

Yes I am not scared to succeed,

Yes I am fear,

Yes I am fearful,

Yes I am Fearing,

Yes I am able to change,

Yes I am Love,

Yes I am a beautiful failure,

Yes I do learn faster from failure,

Yes I do love Failure,

Yes I do love failing,

Yes I do let others see me fail,

Yes I am seeing others let me fail,

Yes I am judgment,

Yes I am seeing my failures as success,

Yes I am successful,

Yes I am anxiety,

Yes I am deep feelings,

Yes I am confidence,

Yes I am presence,

Yes i am light beams,

Yes I am energy,

Yes I am vibration,

Yes I am my guitar,

Yes I am my piano,

Yes I am life,

Yes I am music, Yes i am Greatness, Yes I am giving, Yes I am recieving, Yes I am abundant, Yes I am good. Yes I am Jiving, Yes I am Lil Wayne, Yes I am Leon Bridges, Yes I am Metalica, Yes I am The Beatles, Yes I am John Legend, Yes I Am Dela soul, Yes I am Beyounce, Yes I am Remarkable, Yes I am infinite, Yes I am Eminem, Yes I am Mac Miller, Yes I am the world, Yes I am the Universe,

Yes I am scared of Judgment, Yes I am money, yes I am energy, Yes I am politics, Yes I am Scott Morrison, Yes I am Kayne, Yes I am Kim Kardashian, Yes I am everything.

Over shooting, Yes I am over shooting, Yes i am reaching for the stars, Yes I am reaching further everyday, Yes I am CHEE, Yes I am meaning, Yes I am life. Yes I am bar setting, Yes I am The BAR, Yes I am the religions, Yes I am God Yes, I create our own destiny, Yes I am Destiny, Yes i am universal love, Yes I am love, Yes I am humble, Yes i am tired, Yes I am insecure, Yes I am Loved, Yes i am forgiven, Yes I am forgiveness.

Yes I am You, Yes I am me, YEs I am the galaxy, Yes I am air, yes I am the sea, Yes I am and all that is and all that will ever be.

I loved going to play on the playground with Noah. I am a very playful child myself so I ran around today acting like a huge giant child. ahaha

I had heaps of fun.

Grateful for watching the documentary we watched about Sylvia with the family and was able to give love to the old 90 year old man who come over to spend time Allen is his name.

I love life. and had a cool day of getting stuff ready for the release and tour. Big love

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