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Coasty Ocean Shores WEDNESDAY

Coasty Ocean Shores house / Admin Day

17th March 2021 Wednesday

I woke today you won’t believe it, Tolsas house is a huge tree house bunk bed room… Its so cool inside the recording studio!

It’s amazing I love you Tolsa thank you for having me !

I am waking up and getting inspired

We talk about a tour so when I get to the toilet I txt out the dates to a calendar and organise it

And just shoot for it

I spent allday on my laptop phone organising the single release of Lost!

On the phone today with:






I love my friends and family

I keep thinking about the tour and how epic it’s going to be !!

I keep thinking about the music video and how exciting it’s going to be !!

I keep my head high

I worked all the way until now and I’ve done

Ticket links for tour shows



I’m outtie

I all out went hard doing admin stuff

I need to say what Im grateful for,

Im grateful for:

Myself and learning new skills

The ocean

The treehouse







Im grateful for heaven.

Praise the lord

thanks to my beautiful lunch Tolsa brought me.

Thank you to me for making the tour show dates when I did

Grateful I got it all done that day

Grateful for my friends who I admire in music

I promise myself that I am in the moment, enjoying the here and now. Infintely.

I am grateful for meditations and mindful behaviour, Which i didnt do as I was on technology allday.

But I do have interesting convos with Tolsa about life so they are mindful convos. Grateful for those conversations.

big blessings to the absolute passion and fascination I have with being the best person i can be today and beat that tomorrow!

I got a gig to go to at 7 am with Will Henderson at the markets, so I should fall asleep now.

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