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COASTY Gratitude DIARY FRIDAY- SUFFOLK / BYRON BAY - Upcoming Single “LOST” Music Video. FRIDAY

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

12th MARCH 2021 12.16pm

Hey guys and girls,

Its Coasty, Im doing my first blog and focusing on being grateful so you can be apart of the journey with the team and I releasing the new single “LOST”. Enjoy!

Im so gratitude for my life, my lungs, rivers, oceans, and the world spinning in the endless galaxy of giving and receiving. gratitude to Vanessa, Noah, Luara, Jordan, Bec, Pizza last night was amazing. The gig today with The New Language, Resonant Hand, Myself Neil, Ari is going to be intimate and fresh. Im excited.

I love watching Hughy the beautiful doggy at our home. His face is so calming, droopy, and dopey. It makes me laugh. He slobbers everywhere he goes.

I bless my surroundings and say thank you.

Everyday I honour those around me, the universe continues to gently become one with me and I feel like anything can happen but I will stay balanced and calm.

I woke up to Noah this morning snuggling me, He is Vanessa’s 6 year old boy. Noah is exactly like me when I was a boy. We laugh, play, and wrestle softly. I love family snuggles, he is so cute and loving and expressive. Child energy keeps me inspired, I am so grateful for it. Vanessa is so lovely and i am a very lucky man. she is my absolute stunning angel.

Years of being touring and being everywhere it has been really nice to get grounded in Byron Bay.

Grateful for my team Tolsa, Roman, Lauren, Ari, David, Yoav, Vanessa, and so many others I can’t thank enough my mum, my dad, my Sister sammy (she is super cool BTW) even thought I’ve been distant chasing my dreams I feel closer and more connected then ever to myself and my emotions and forgive my past.

Grateful for all those who let me sleep at there house on there couch or bed when i was on tour and didn’t plan a hotel.

Grateful for my adventures busking around Europe hitchhiking on highways.

Grateful I survived opium.

Thank you to my European buddies who let me record and stay in there house for weeks without rent xo.

My intension today is to give myself love and fill up my cup with mindful moments of gratitude throughout the day,

drink plenty of water, meditate, yoga. Choosing to gently Take out stress give stress a hug, and put him outside like its a cute misbehaving puppy that i still love and snuggle from time to time.

The music video shoot is organised!! I cannot wait to show everyone what we have been working on.

I spoke to my friend Carl last night, he is keen to fly down from Cairns to film in the gold coast with the crew. Yew! 9.45pm I was speaking to him. and he is in NORTH Western Australia and the sun was just going down.

I love him and we worked well together on White Roses Music Video in Berlin.

I am grateful for everyone attracting positive vibes to me. I bless everyone of you out there with abundance and love ,internally and externally.

If I have one wish it would be to receive the gift of friends with jetskis to film around the gold coast, for the new single.

Blessings and abundance.

Love is the answer,

I love you.

Stay hydrated,

Big love,


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