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Coasty Glitter Dust Festival 2021SATURDAY

Updated: Mar 15, 2021

13th March 10.23am 2021

I woke up on a beautiful King size mattress laid out under a high rising bamboo tent Near the stage at the Glitter Dust.

it was super comfortable.

I fell asleep under the stars. It’s stretched across the sky and pulsated with life; shooting stars and a meaning struck me that the stars are within all of us, they are with us always, deeper then our finger prints.


We are all beautiful beyond measure.

Unique, Special, just like everyone else.

We all deserve to shine.

Thank you to The Glitter Dust Festival for having me play.

Y’all all made my night.

Thank you to the 7 year old Boy Noah who said he is a big fan of me n loves my music, such a sweetie! Love yah bro

And big shout out to the river swim with Zepha, Hannah, Kane, Noah, and beautiful festival goers.

I love you all.

The rest of my day I spent at Lennox Head Tea Tree Lake playing acoustic guitar and throwing Noah off my shoulders in the water.

Vanessa, Noah, Singrid, Eric and I went to The Beachy afterwards for dinner and watched my mates Danny and Will play.

When I got home I felt really whole. Xo

Cheers honey for a gorgeous day


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