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COASTY Byron Bay, Tuesday.

16th march 2021 TUESDAY.

Good morning,

I feel like the world seems full.

So full. Full on. Full of love.

We discover more each day, depths of the ocean. Depths of space. Depths within our spirit.

There is so much WE as a consciousness haven’t discovered yet. It’s fascinating.

Space travel, rocketting to the moon, it feels a bit crazy if we had a conversation with someone back in time….

They WOULD NOT believe we would land on the moon. anyways

What am I feeling right now?

I feel like I am focused on sending off some emails,

I have alot on my mind.

And I’m bouncing,

big meeting planned today at 3pm, had my coffee and gorgeous breakfast, thank you gorgeous Vanessa! She made the most amazing breakfast sandwich 🥪 very grateful for the morning walk to Yellow Flower Suffolk , grateful for my sleep.

and Im about to hit the beach. Yeww

If I was to die today would I go and do what Im about to do?

(I probably wouldn’t have done those emails lol, I would’ve gone to the beach and ran or felt alive like that. Which I’m doing now LOL. see yah later. )

Vanessa and I drove in Gerty (van) to the pass byron bay.

We had an epic swim 🏊‍♀️

I blessed every bone muscle and soul in Vanessa

Hugging and squeezing and lifting up on the air and cracking her back softly with the weight of my hug as she exhaled

And continued to caress and love me back.

We really love each other it’s so special.

I gave myself some time to my practice of Yoga 🧘‍♂️

I felt so amazing slowly breathing taking time to notice the love around me

The beauituful downward dog, shimmer down from the sun salute!

The upper arm balancing shoulder stand and danggelling my legs around with each breathe lifting into wider more open free falling positions.

Gosh. How likeable can reality get?

Does it get better?


As soon as I finished my practice Vanessa surprised me with her presence.

She gave me a powerful loving embrace.

Thank you thank you thank you

I love you I love you I love you.

Vanessa and I drove back and had an amazing lunch 🥗

And I said my goodbyes and rushed to the meeting !

Ari , lauren, Tolsa and I.

Triple Xxx rated Coasty mgmt meeting

I won’t lie I felt a little stressed it wouldn’t work out. But we got a lot of stuff done ✅

Ate beautiful food

And smashed it.

We are kind of behind schedule but we are expecting it to be picking up a lot more.

LOST is looking like one of the coolest teams I’ve ever had to drop a song!

Im so grateful for these amazing humans.

Thank you thank you thank you. !!

Drew and Mickoss joined and we had a lot of jams and it was hell fun

I had Roman on the phone

Was also hell fun to hear the vibes of the room become so funny. It was so serious 🧐 but there would always be some part of the room with interactions being kept in check and always return to a light hearted mood.

What a fascinating industry. Lol

We all know we are on right now.

We all know it’s about to go down.

Thank ful for Ari. Youre so appreciated and want to give you a hug in these words.

Yah done great today and we are all really proud of you.

Big love to Ari

So many ideas

We laughed about making Coast & Ocean tee shirts with a love heart caricature of me and it has a moustache

We also talked about USA, U.K pitching

Talked about the Music Video,

Talked about getting it on commercials across everywhere.

What are 10 things Coasty is grateful for?

  1. Music is only 12 notes. so that makes him happy and calm.

  2. The love he feels in his heart. that always eventuates into consciously breathing lots of love into manifesting powers.

  3. He has gratitude 🙏 and finds happiness in small things like tea, coffee, friends, family, and conversations.

  4. He is so grateful he is alive and young and breathing. and have byron bay beaches at his tippy toes

  5. He is so grateful for being valued by he sees it in his own self esteem his community and his craft.

  6. He loves his iPhone recording gear.

  7. He is grateful for old demos.

  8. Gratitude because he .sings with a great tone that is unique and people go,,, hmmm is that Coasty?!

  9. He is super grateful for natural talent to stand out and be remembered .

  10. His laziness He is grateful for because it pushes him to find ways to do things better easier and more effective. with our mission of fans finding us on the streets and becoming family.

One last thing I’m grateful for is Mase the artist said to me there is only 3 minds .

Love (Higher self), Balanaced (Mind “I need to eat shit sleep”), Fear (low vibration bad thoughts of self worth)

and I realised when I let go of those thoughts as they arise and consciously challenge those beliefs how damaging my self wasZ how you organise those three feelings and thoughts is how you decipher what to do next. XO.

I’m so grateful I’m learning to be sober and mindful.

Example. Of a thought from love?

“I am connected to the universe and all beings rivers, water drops, atoms, all loving breathing organisms are universal love and truth.”

It’s a powerful word yes.

Stop to allow that thought to propel you?

Feelings followed by that thought, are they useful!?


So we allow our attention and bless it and hope the intension is pure

Tolsa and I and drew Yelled and laughed until 12am

I ran around holding my ankles and made a fool of myself and laughed so hard

Tolsa and I talked philosophically till 2.34am

I’ve picked the best team.

I’m so grateful.

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