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COASTY Byron Bay Rainy Day MONDAY

15th march 2021 Suffolk Park, Byron Bay

Yo Good morning “Its A Doobies World”!

Today is rainy and soggy but my heart is full and warm. What good, did I do this morning?

I jumped into Noahs bed and gave him a great big Coasty snuggle, his Momma was getting impatient that he hadn’t woken up and wanted to put his school clothes on fast to get ready for the school bus! So I snuggled him and picked him up with his blanket (still wrapped around him like a burrito…) calling to him in a high pitched voice “Noah, Noah, Noah Come here little caterpillar, Come here little caterpillar, Its a brand new day”! he was smiling, trying to pretend he was asleep.

I carried him in my arms to the edge of the bed where his Momma was waiting to dress him.

Lu Lu stomped in “Good morning Alex”! in her soft sweet voice. Already dressed in her uniform like the smart swift organised girl she is (Lu Lu is Becs daughter she is also 6 years old.) “Good morning LuLu”! I said matching her joy and excitement.

“WOAh” I said excited.. “Look at that!” “The caterpillar is turning into a butterfly”!!! I tickled Noah out of the blanket and he flapped his little wings into his school uniform. We ran down stairs to eat chocolate cereal. YUM! YUM!

The kids started play fighting in the living room. I sang some blues guitar chords in my cowboy voice they laughed so hard. “Then Noah hit Lulu on the bum bum” I sang and repeated whatever they were saying and doing.

I made coffee for Vanessa and I then we walked to the bus stop.

I came back to the computer and read some articles about people who are successful. Oprah writes 5 things she is grateful for. So I did too.


  1. I am so grateful for beloved Vanessa. Thank you! You’re an amazing woman, companion.

  2. I love my breath I will breathe slow and value each breath. Tuning into the vibration of patience and love.

  3. The rain is calming and gorgeous thank you.

  4. I’m grateful I play music and travelled with it. I open my heart to receive gifts and give back the gift of healing.

  5. Im so grateful for my Mum and Dad for creating me, Omi and Opa for teaching me love. My sister for teaching me patience. I love my family and friends xo I love you so much. I am grateful for you.

Benjamin Franklin kept it 100.

(He would say to himself “What good am I doing today”? and in the evening he would say “What good did I do today”? )

Steve Jobs spoke to himself in the mirror each day and asked “If today was the last day of my life, would I want to do what Im about to do”?

I had the best day, working, checking emails, taking phone calls about the music video, events I wanna throw, and meetings.

I watched Quincey Jones documentary for a little while with Vanessa in my breaks from work.

We shared an amazing lunch, Vanessa and I, I took the kids to jujitsu.

The kids, Vanessa and I went grocery shopping.

We ate a marvellous piece of art on a plate called “dinner”

Sometimes I don’t feel like I’m from planet earth.

I have had no Alcohol for an entire month. Its been good to be alcohol free.

Big Love,

Chase your dreams, stay hydrated !


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