Coasty Byron Bay Clarkes Beach + Busk SUNDAY

Updated: Mar 15

14 March 2021 1.55pm

Hey Coasty friends.

This Morning was grounding,

I went to Clarkys beach 🏝 with Vanessa and the kids,

We played in the sand, made sand castles and ran down the sand dunes,

I met a fan at the coffee shop his name was Kings Lee James he is a musician aswell.

So much abundance of gratitude for Vanessa. We were snorkelling and we saw a turtle 🐢

Chasing the kids around and throwing them into the waves 🌊

My abundance was overflowing when I practiced yoga and meditation rolling around in the sand of the shores. Not a care in the world. Stretching 🙆‍♂️ playing with my consciousness in the shoreline of the waves. Sand all over me. 30 push ups and 30 Coasty sit-ups. Then Splashing into the Ocean to cleanse me back into, Pure bliss.

Right now is truely the only luxury. I’m so grateful for this beautiful sunshiney moment in byron bay; the place I call home!!

When we got home I painted a new busking sign and then went out busking in the streets for an hour and a half. I freestyled 2 songs and it was pretty cool and fun. I had a nice pleasant crowd not too rowdy.

20th of April the single is coming out. I’m so excited ! I played the single live again and it made me happy.

Shout out to everyone part of the day Singrid, Bruna, Bruno, Zepha, Hannah, Noah, Greg and Luara, Cafe Fresh, Byron cafe, great coffee, king lee James and all the lovely people who saw me playing especially Kylie the 17 year old legend that came up to me after the show and has similar friends as me. Keep doing you buddy!

Big love to all the dreamers out there, keep chasing your dreams!

Stay hydrated and humble 💕

Love Coasty 🌊

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