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Alex's BIO

Alex Johnson "Coast & Ocean" is a beach inspired experimental musician raised in Lake Heights on the south coast of NSW. After years of releasing music in various bands and projects, playing festivals and touring he planned a soul searching trip to Thailand. During his discovery of this beautiful country Alex's career as a solo experimental acoustic artist "Coast & Ocean” was born. When 2015 came, Alex set off on the road and was touring around the country performing live in pubs and clubs several times every weekend, perfecting his craft as a guitarist/singer/songwriter/rapper and releasing a song a week on his YouTube channel "Coast & Ocean Weekly".


Incorporating loop pedal rhythms, beat boxing, acoustic percussion with a mix of soulful melodic vocals and Australian hip hop, Alex's eclectic mix of styles have been impressing people around the country as he embodies stories about the road, past loves, politics, police brutality, life and it's beauties, views on asylum seekers, personal struggles and experiences encountered becoming a full time/recording/performing musician and the endless tour he describes as "Sandcastle Mansion".


Coast & Ocean debut folk live E.P "My Mania" is out now and his highly anticipated Hip Hop/Soul/Rnb/Surf Mini Album "Sandcastle Mansion" will arrive mid/late Sep 2016.


Alex has supported the likes of Renee Geyer, Lurch & Chief, Dylan Joel, Daniel Champagne, Tyne James Organ and many more.


"His music completely reflects who he is, he loves what he does and he's an absolute animal at it. Probably the three most important aspects to being a phenomenal artist... and Alex has all three." - Dylan Joel, Touring Artist.


"His emotion is powerful enough for a room to go quiet (Urbanstar Performance 2015) and his songs are "..mesmerising" - Glenn Haworth Guitars."


"Alex nailed an exceptionally fine craft in the most entertaining and honest set, delivered at a world class standard." - Jed Appleton, International, Touring Artist.


"One of the most talented people I've seen. super engaging, musically brilliant and fun to watch" - Nathan Murray Wilson, Drummer for Dylan Joel.


"Coast and Ocean is a sound and personality truly unique to the Australian Music Scene - smooth lyrics- soulful voice - amazing percussive acoustic guitar with a hip hop twist. A must see!"- Aaron VanderaA, Lead Vocalist for band VanderAa.


"After seeing Alex perform and being mesmerised by his hip-hop meets surf rock style, I could tell that this kid is going places. He would be a true asset to any venue who booked him and will have people coming back again and again wanting more of what this kid can give" - Glenn Haworth, Haworth Guitars.


"Alex was a true professional. Not only can he play guitar, write and sing, but he can also make the audience laugh. He had the crowd in the palm of his hand as soon as he started." - Scott H.


"Alex Johnson is someone to watch, listen to and want to work with. Diversely talented and down to earth, he’s like the Frank Ocean of the South Coast" - Anna Chaplin, Chaplin Arts Vocal Coach.


"Alex Johnson is a very talented young man who is going places. Alex is jack of all trades and a master of them all from soulful acoustic ballads to hip-hop, gentle fingerpicking to energetic guitar percussion. In both his covers and original songs Alex shows flare and originality. An entertaining performer and really nice guy" - Shaun Snider, Guitarist.


"A diamond in the rough" - Redfoo, from LMFAO, Record producer, Singer/Songwriter/Rapper.

Coast & Ocean



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