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Alex says that he’s been writing songs since he was 14 years old. In the next breath he tells us that “this one’s a song that I wrote about Spiderman when I was 13” [ ], and casually pulls it out and throws it into his unplanned gig list


“Paradise is lovely, and that’s where I wanna be.

Paradise is lovely. I wanna go out’n feel the beauty,

But no I can’t … because of my job… because of my job… as a superhero.

I need a break….”


His first studio recording “Breath” was when he was 17 and uploaded to Triple J Unearthed on May 2011. Alex got to do a free song at Big Fish Studios [WHY] and had the privilege to spend a large amount of time on this track. Eventually he released it on Bandcamp in March 2013 [] under “E.I.D” (Everyone Is Drinking)



In the same month was Released the “Easter Show LP”


It also included an acoustic version of “Changed your Skin” (Thorne and Chay). This became the only studio (and incredibly classy) release for the band “Hot Coffee”.


It was released in December 2013 []



and just in case anybody missed it, again October 12, 2014 [], which everybody diligently missed again due to the dynamic marketing experience of the team…. - Live at Yours & Owls - RAD Bar


Between their inception in May 2012 and  their final live gig on March 11, 2015 at the RADBar in Wollongong [1] supported by Ocean Alley and (none other than) Coast & Ocean himself, Hot Coffee did support gigs with Lepers & Crooks, The Maze at the RADBar Wollongong (RAD) [2] [6]; The Vanns at Marly Bar [3]; Mild Manic at RAD [4]; Bin Juice at RAD [5]; Lepers & Crooks [6]; The Nuclear Family [7] Glass Towers [?]


During this period they recorded two live performances one at a private function in February 2014 and another at Dicey Riley’s Hotel in July 2014. In amongst Alex’s busy schedule and the other members commitments to their other projects/band they are still fitting in the odd rehearsal, hopingt to one day make it to the studio to record the track for real. Failing that, negotiations continue to release the live recordings as a “bootleg” live album.


While Hot Coffee were wrecking havoc playing live gigs, the other band members were into their other projects (Matt Harvey & Mitch Fanning) with the now up and coming The Maze [] and  (Thorne Goodison) Thomas Covenant [],  Alex was busy in his studio , recording and producing and releasing on December 25, 2014 on Bandcamp his E.I.D. (Everyone Is Drinking) second album “The Shit Album”  [] which can be likened to the cynical look at contemporary commercially successful music in a similar vein (2016 version) of Mother’s of Invention (the legendary Frank Zappa) 1968 “We’re Only in it for the Money” ['re_Only_in_It_for_the_Money], [].


A strong suggestion to get your hands on these free digital copies soon, due to the upcoming exposure they are likely to receive in the near future there is every chance that they may become collectors’ items what’s remaining of the dwindling stock may be sold out!


And putting out a bevy of other tracks and DEMO 1-10 on Soundcloud  []



Other bands projects during this early period:

White Ocean Avenue

– writing  and singing – March 2012 to December 2013 





About Eve

– writing  and singing – March 2010 to March 2012





Chomping at the bit and fed up with pizza delivery Alex moves into a full time music career. “…. And I like didn’t want to be a failure, and I felt like I was being one. I sat in my room and got depressed and thought about my mum and dad. They hated me for being a pizza delivery boy. Not doing much” [intro to live performance of “I’m Sick”


Started full time playing live pub gigs 2 to 4 times a week….


Being the poor and skint musician, he could not get his finances together to put out a physical CD, so made sleeves out of A4 photocopy sheets, sellotaped and handwritten – hand-crafted CD’s.


In stepped his fairygodfather (Robert Bewlay of Foreign Object label) and offers to buy some sleeves and and print CD labels – a move up to “hand-made” CD’s – Release date August 2015.


Record label Manga Republic Released the same tracks as an EP “My Mania” in February 2016 as a full commercial release.


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Video Clips:

“Serious” April 2013


Hot Coffee- Darts Of Shame live @ The Den


Hot Coffee Live at Yours and Owls - Shot and Edited by

Hot Coffee Official Trailer

The official trailer for Hot Coffee, a documentary film by Susan Saladoff. DOCO MADE ABOUT US! GIG @ RAD BAR ON THE 15TH GET YOUR PINGAZ


White Ocean Avenue - These Houses



Associated Acts and Projects:

Hot Coffee

Thomas Covenant (former member in Hot Coffee – Thorne Goodison)

The Maze (former members in Hot Coffee – Matt Harvey & Mitch Fanning)

Everyone Is Drinking

Lil Chay

Boe Timball

Coast & Ocean

White Ocean Avenue

About Eve




Supports played:



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